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6 May 2019
Filmed in concert at Tippet Rise Arts Center in Montana on August 25, 2017
6 May 2019
Podcast from Tippet Rise Arts Center
14 Nov 2018
Morton Feldman’s “Triadic Memories” unfold in a realm of shadows. The droplets of notes and meticulously spaced-out clusters that make up this hourlong work for solo piano range from the very quiet to the barely audible. But it’s their afterlife t...
12 Oct 2017
Every note Mužijevic played was engaging and had a direction in which it was moving, whether it resolved in a traditional way or hung in the air in conflict. The amount of joy he has in performing is absolutely palpable, and it was an extra treat ...
18 Sep 2017
"The previous night at the penthouse, the refined pianist Pedja Muzijevic presented a program that Mr. Langrée might look to as a template for enlivening the orchestra’s concerts. With the program “Haydn Dialogues,” Mr. Muzijevic alternated vibran...
3 Jun 2017
The "Haydn Dialogues" is a testament to the idea of music as an experience that doesn't always warrant a clear explanation. The connections between Muzijevic's pairings are exactly as you hear them, and exactly as your neighbor hears them. Whether...
2 Jun 2017
“Dialogues with Pedja Muzijevic,” scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday, June 1, at the Simons Center Recital Hall, is part of an ongoing program the pianist has been performing for more than a year. He’s traveled throughout the U.S. and beyond, including...
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Ravel: Pièce en forme de Habañera
Scarlatti: Sonata for Harpsichord in F major, K 17/L 384
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Cage: Sonata V
Liszt: Bagatelle sans tonalite
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